Monday, November 30, 2009

Catch More Flies With Hunny

At 2 years old my son is already the master of manipulation.

It started simple, flashing a huge smile in the direction of authority, while doing something he knew he shouldn't.

Then he took advantage of how proud we were that he had learned to say please and thanks to get the world handed to him on a silver platter.

But all of that pales in comparison to his newest tactic.

While doing the laundry I looked up to see his little head poke out down the stairs. Just as I was about to open my mouth and start the 3 second countdown to timeout, he looked me in the eye, smiled and in his cute little high-pitched voice said, 'Hi Hunny'. Then just now I asked him politely to stop eating dog food and still flying from his earlier success he calmly replied, 'No Hunny'.

I'm so out of my league with this kid.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Round One

Right now my hubby and Sawyer are at each other's throats over what to watch on television. Kevin wants to play NHL '10, while my little boy wants to watch Fifi and the Flowertots. I can just imagine what's going though my hubby's head. Every once in a while it's nice to just sit back and laugh!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


15 more minutes pleeeease.

Just lay down and let me change your diaper please.

You can't just have milk for breakfast. Please eat your toast.

Put mommy's coffee down please.

Share please.

Please let go of my hair.

Please let go of your brother's hair.

Please let go of the cat's hair.

Sit down and eat your lunch please.

Can mommy please watch ONE big person show?

Give your brother back his toy please.

Please stop crying.

Pleeeesase just let me make dinner.

Please get into the tub.

Please get out of the tub.

Pleeeeease just go to sleep

The word please has lost all meaning to my family

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I *HEART* Christmas

I feel that it is necessary for you to know that I am absolutely fanatical about Christmas!

I love everything about it!

It is because of this love of Christmas that I'm starting to wonder if Sawyer is the same child I pushed out 2 years ago.

After weeks of begging and making promises I was not prepared to keep my husband agreed to put out the Christmas decorations. I thought it would be a cute idea to have the Santa Clause Parade playing in the background as we decorated, but hitting the play button on that recording caused Sawyer to throw himself to the ground, screaming and thrashing like he had been slapped in the face.

That was my first hint.

After I switched the t.v. to an edge of your seat episode of Caillou, we pulled out the Christmas Tree decorations. Sawyer was much more keen on eating them then actually decorating with them. Hint#2.

Hint numbers 3, 4, and 5 came with the destruction of a Santa sleigh, a wooden snowman and a stuffie of the jolly, old man himself (I'm still cleaning pieces of his beard up off the floor 6 days later).

I'm not sure where I went wrong with him, but hopefully I have more luck forcing my love of Christmas on Sean!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My First Top 10

I am always looking for new ways to waste time on the internet ,and since stalking people I haven't seen in 5 years through their facebook status' can only take up so much time, I've turned to mommy blogs to fill those empty places in my agenda. I've been to quite a few now and it has been brought to my attention that a blog is not a blog without a Top 10 List. So in light of this discovery (and because I have nothing else to write about), I have complied my first ever 'This Or The Housework Top 10'. It is entitled...

'Favourite' Things My Kids Do

The Favourite is in '' because I couldn't think of a nice way to say 'Things that make me want to tear my hair out and go running, screaming and crying from this house.

10)Make this noise... 'Angh'. If you have a toddler you know exactly the noise. If you don't, you're probably thinking 'why does a noise make her want to scream and cry?' Just wait.... just wait!

9)Insist (through ear piercing screeches) that putting a 6 month old in a highchair or anywhere but on your lap at meal time is a form of abuse. Then taking advantage of their seat at the table, by grabbing food and shampooing their hair with it.

8)Reaching down while I'm changing a poopy diaper and flinging it across the room (Both boys find this extremely amusing).

7)'Helping' with the grocery shopping by picking up glass jars of spaghetti sauce that we don't even need and dropping them. Then announcing 'Uh Oh MESS' for anyone in the store that missed the crash and shattering glass sound.

6)Waking up at 3am and then 5am and then 7am.... ugh!

5)'Helping' with the laundry by unfolding everything I've just folded and then piling it all on the dog's back to see how far she can run before it falls off.

4)Waiting until they have a mouth full of something really pleasant looking like smashed green peas, and then raspberrying it all over anyone in a 5ft radius.

3)Hiding food in places that guarantees you won't find it until a nice thick fur coat has grown on it.

2)Refusing to wear pants.

1)Learning to walk and talk.

There we go folks, I'm official now!

*********EDIT********** As I was writing this Sawyer took advantage of the fact that I was distracted to reach into his diaper and use it's contents to smear on his face like war paint.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Walk A Mile In Little Shoes

The other night we bundled up the boys and took them to the local Santa Clause Parade.

We saw a parade grand marshall, Sawyer saw a pirate.

We saw a group of llamas, Sawyer saw a herd of cows.

We saw the Hamburgler from McDonalds, Sawyer saw Zigby the Zebra

We saw Santa Clause, Sawyer saw a Grandpa.

Sometimes it's nice to just sit and see the world through a 2 year old's eyes.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Elmo Night Night

I know you've all (all 3 of you that actually read this) have been on the edge of your seats since it leaked on the internet that we were getting family photos. Well Sean did not give me any good blogging material. He sat up straight, smiled for the camera, even managed to not throw up on his new sweater! Sawyer, however, did not disappoint! Before we even left the house he had gotten a hold of a marker and given himself a beautiful maroon goatee and uni-brow.

Once we got there the real battle began.

He refused to stand with us for family picture and so the store's stuffed Elmo is in our portrait, we had to ditch the idea of a picture of just the two of them (it was just not happening), and I so wish you could see the portrait of just him.... it sums up the whole trip! Of course no trip to the grocery store is complete without an epic hissy fit and ours came when it was time to leave and give the photographer the Elmo back! After attracting the attention of every single person in the store we convinced him to tuck Elmo in for a nap and leave the store. Now every time we so much as drive past the store he yells 'Elmo night night"! Grocery shopping just got a whole new challenge!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Spoiler Alert

This afternoon we are taking the kids to the grocery store portrait studio for holiday family photos. I could hear the poor woman on the phone cringe when I told her my kids ages!

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Adventures in Grocery Land

Grocery shopping with young children should be an olympic sport. Or illegal.

The other day I was pulling out everything I needed to make dinner and found that the milk pitcher was in the fridge but did not, in fact, contain any milk. My stomach sank when upon further inspection I found we were out of milk entirely. My Hubby was still at work and I needed the milk to make dinner, which means I was going to have to bring my boys to the grocery store -wait for it- by myself. Here are some highlights from my trip;

*Sean decided that grocery shopping is not his 'thing' and instead busied himself screaming at the top of his lungs. Apparantly he finds it amusing to see people give me the 'what did you do to that poor child' stink eye

*Sensing that this was a stressful situation for his mom, Sawyer helped by refusing to hold on to the cart like he'd been taught, and instead running wildly through the store. I can tell you I no longer judge parents that drag there kids around stores on a leash.

*Having now exhausted himself, Sawyer took a breather to pick himself out a stuffed animal. I informed him that the stuffed monkey was not in my grocery budget this week and that since he has yet to obtain a job or any other source of income for that matter, he could not have it. To my great surprise my 2 year old could not handle this logic, resulting in him plopping himself down on the ground and matching Sean scream for scream.

Next time we run out of milk, I'm ordering pizza.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dry Spell Over

I'm sure that everyone that knows me well was shocked to see that my diligent blogging came to an abrupt halt a little over a week ago. It's just so out of character for me! Regardless I'm back now and we've had a busy week! Here it is in a nutshell;

Friday my sweet little baby Sean turned 6 months causing me to reflect on how quickly the past 6 months have flown by and to cry over the fact that he'll soon be leaving the nest to go off to college. My husband found this very amusing!

Saturday Sawyer attended his first concert. A rocking Backyardigans show! After much debabting we decided that my hubby would be the one to take him to his first concert as long as he took lots of pics. He of course came home with none because "no one else was taking pictures". But Sawyer had a great time and that's what matters... I guess! Saturday did not end there however, after the concert we took to the streets. Sean was a skunk breaking the cuteness barrier with a little heart on his bum that read 'lil stinker' and we wrestled Sawyer into the Pablo (a backyardigan) costume he picked out himself and then refused to wear. We kept trick-or-treating to a minimum, just visiting close friends and family. Sawyer enriched everyone's night by greeting them with his famous 'shy guy stink eye'.

To round off our eventful weekend Sunday night ushered in our first toddler night terror. Sawyer woke us up at 1:30am terrified that the vacuum was going to get him. We assured him he was safe by letting him hog our bed and steal all the covers.

I'm pretty sure we're knee deep in teething so I'm sure I'll have lots of stories about sleepless nights and laundryless days in the weeks to come! Keep tuning in!