Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Post Where I Return and Make TWO Poop References

 I still think about this little corner of the internet. Much more than you would think for someone who hasn't posted in almost 2 years. Lately I've been thinking about it a lot. Maybe because I may actually have something relatively interesting to write about, instead of post after post about how disappointed I am that the Pinterest app on my phone never works, and I am forced to bring the whole laptop to pin from the crapper.


 The reason is not really important, what's important is that right in the midst of my internal 'to blog or not to blog' struggle I received a sign. Just the other day while enjoying a beautiful day out in the sun with my in-laws, my Father-in-law mentioned that he had checked this blog the other day and since I hadn't updated in so long he had deleted the bookmark on his laptop. The apparent high demand for bookmark space on his laptop has inspired me and I am back. Hopefully he's complimented by that and not extremely offended. Or if he is offended hopefully it turns into a really great story to blog about. Either way.

 So for anyone who was not forced to choose between this site and bookmarking a website on proper manure application (I'm assuming that's what he replaced me with), I hope to have lots of updates shortly including a big (to me) announcement :)