Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!!

I have got some bad news for any moms out there that were holding out hope for a 'World's Greatest Mom' mug this Easter, because I totally swooped in and scooped that title this weekend.

I washed all our sheets and towels and hung them on the line to dry (we also turned off the bought air and opened all the windows... take THAT hydro bill), had a picnic lunch on the lawn with my family, and helped my son learn to ride his bike!

So that mug's mine SUCKAS almost as deserving fellow Mamas! Better luck next year!

There was only one little snag in our otherwise perfect day.

On our walk around the block Sawyer and I spotted a dead squirrel.

"What's that Mommy?"

"Don't worry about it hunny"

"That's the Easter Bunny!"

"Aw Jeez"

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Happy Easter Everyone!!


  1. Oh, dear.

    I do hope the Easter Bunny at least died of natural causes!

  2. Silly Easter bunny, sleeping in the road is dangerous.

  3. What??? Easter bunny is dead?? ;D

  4. Katherine - Thanks for stopping by via SITS. Happy Easter, and enjoy the mom award, lol!

  5. OH NO!!! Who is going to bring me chocolate next year. Hope it is one of his many offspring being born this year.

  6. Picnic-I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Poor bunny! No wonder we couldn't find him yesterday!!!!!!!!!

  7. What a fun blog! Stopping by from SITS and so glad I did. Signed up to follow you and BTW I also blog or cook to avoid any type of housework! It's just so boring! Love ya Oh- I have a giveaway going on so stop by and enter!

  8. Hi there!
    I want that mug!!!!

    Have a great week!

    Now following from 20sb.

  9. LOL! That's hilarious!


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