Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Fastest Year Of My Life

One year ago today we discovered that Sawyer had broken my camera.

We discovered it at 8:29am when we tried to use it to take a picture of his newborn baby brother.

Somehow, between that moment and today, a whole year disappeared.

Since Sean only started sleeping through the night like last week, most of this past year is a blur to me. Soooo instead of a long profound post about how having a second child has changed my life and how complete Sean has made me feel, I'm going to post a glimpse into his life thus far through photos.

Here's the photo we used to introduce Sean to facebook. MEANINGFUL!

They're all mine <3

The day Sean met his big cuz Gavin. I'm just going to have to go ahead and apologize now to all of you ladies out their having little girls... I can only hold these heartbreakers back for so long. They're going to be bigger then Bieber.

About a month after Sean was born a good friend (from Mandy Taggart Photography) took some professional shots of the fam. If you look closely at this one you can see the wet spot on the dark blanket where Sean peed.

If you look closely at this one, well ok, I guess you don't have to look that closely.


And this one? This one made up for all that....

Don't worry, he had his H1N1 immunizations before we threw him in there.


Soaking up the sun in Cuba. Don't hate him cuz you ain't him.

'What do you mean I got Daddy's hairline?'

And here he is today...

How if you`ll excuse me, I have to go cry myself to sleep over how fast they`re growing up.



  1. Awww they are so handsome! Congratulations on making it through his first year alive! Ha! My son will be one in June and I can't believe it!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Seanz! Don't grow up too quickly bud!

  3. happy bday!! love the pics...your rascalz certainly are cute ;)

  4. They're really so cute. HAPPY Birthday, Sean. :)

  5. I can't believe how big he is getting... Can't wait to see all of you on Saturday!


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