Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Kind Of Birthday Hunny

Today is my dear husband's birthday. Kind of.

I say that because he was born this day in 1981, making him 29 this year. So while today is technically the anniversary of his birth, it seems that this specific birthday's only purpose is to remind his family and friends that his youth is behind him.

Today, and in the days leading up to today my husband's life has been filled with such witty and thought provoking remarks as...

'29 eh? Next year's the BIG ONE'

'Big 3-0 next year, man! It's all down hill from there.'

'29 is really just a place holder for 30 so I'm not getting you anything.'

That last one was me, but if more of you say it to him it might actually fly. And if you're not willing to do that and insist on getting him something... can I sign your card?

So while everyone else is looking towards the saggy future, I want to take a minute to acknowledge what a great, good looking, funny and sweet, YOUNGER wife you have. And I'll still be all those things next year so I guess you're not doing too bad for yourself!

Oh yeah and your kind of the greatest husband and father EVER!! So you've got that going for you too!



  1. i'm "almost 30" too...i'm at peace with it now, but ask me how i really feel when april rolls around...happy bday kev!

  2. Haha! Cute post. Next year will be my almost 30 birthday and I'm so not looking forward to it!

    Happy almost 30 to your hubby!!!

  3. Sweet! Happy 29th to your hubby! Goose's big 3-0 is in 6 weeks and I have made fun of him pretty much everyday since he turned 28... he's gonna have a heyday when I get close to 30 =)


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