Tuesday, July 6, 2010

At Least I Won't Have to Worry About Him Being a Teenage Father...

Sometimes I think back to my highschool days, when I used to sit around with my girlfriends and list off the many, MANY features our dream men should have. The top of my list then, and to this day is a sense of humour. I think back to those days and those conversations and I think... SHIT.

Here is a conversation I had earlier with my almost 3 year old son.

3 year old: 'Mommy say knock-knock'
Me: 'Knock-knock'
3YO: 'Who's there?'

(alright I'm with you kid)

Me: 'Boo'
3YO: 'Boo WHAT?'


Me:'Nevermind... why don't you tell me a knock-knock joke?'
3YO:'Ok... Knock-knock'
Me:'Who's there?'

(ahhh a classic)

Me:'Apple who'
3YO:'Woof woof I'm a puppy'

Maybe it's me? Maybe his sense of humour is just too sophisticated? But I just can not find the co-relation between that apple and the dog.

But maybe that's the joke?

Maybe... but more likely??? It's lucky he's so ridiculasly good looking.


  1. wahahaha! i found his joke funny!

  2. hehe- ridiculously good looking will get you far in life ;)

  3. hey...i laughed :P
    did you ever take a step back and wonder "where did this child get his wit?" ;)

  4. LOL Knock knocks are the best with kids because they can make up whatever they want and it's hilarious. I bet he thought he was the funniest person ever!

    I love your blog! New follower from 20SB

    stop by my blog house if you get a chance :)

  5. that's the funniest joke I've ever heard!


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