Monday, March 15, 2010

Apologies, Excuses and Stomach Contents

I know you've heard it all from me before.

I have a really good reason.

I can change. I WILL change.

I mean it this time.

I know you feel like you're setting yourself up for disappointment by putting your trust in me again.

I understand and together we can mend the wound I've left you with.


Because I am for real this time back in the game.

Here are my excuses reasons I found it acceptable to make it to march 15th and only have 2 posts for the month.

1) My children look like this...

(Oh get off your high horse. I HAD to take a pic of my sick child because he looked so.freaking.cute.)

This, of course, is Sean, but Sawyer is sporting a very similar look made even sadder with the addition of his stomach contents running down his chin and jammies.

*That picture alone wasn't enough to guilt you in to forgiving me? Have you no soul?? Fine...

2)For whatever reason I got it into my head that I HAD to post a 101 update before anything else. And since that post has to include a picture of my haircut, and I don't have time for such trivial things as, 'looking acceptable', I could not possibly create that post. Thankfully however, I realized that no one is really interested in those posts but me, and have decided that it's ok for me to write about something else until my next good hair day. Rest assured though, that those updates WILL return.

And so concludes my extensive list of reasons I've slacked off.

Now stop pretending your mad at me and give me a little looooove!


  1. Okay, I forgive you. Only because your kids are cute. LOL

    But glad to hear from you again. ;D

  2. Awwwwwww, poor Sean. So sad yet so, SO DARN CUTE! Hope the boys are fully recovered now and we can see some cute and happy pics again!

    So if you ever change your mind about your kids and decide to put them up on eBay after all, let me know so I can bid. I want a bit of cuteness in my house too!

  3. Fine, I forgive you but don't let it happen again.

    Seriously though, hope the little people are feeling better...and that totally IS a cute pictures sick or not.

  4. No. Not made at you-Mad...just kidding-Poor baby! Give him to me! I'm sick and tired of the illnesses already. Take as long as you need, we're human! Feel Better cutie-patootie!:(

  5. Ahaha listen V, if I had to take the time to actually READ every post I write I'd never have time to post them! hehehe

    But just for you I fixed it :P

  6. here's the thing...i'm glad you're working your way to being back, but i have a love/hate relationship with your blog...i LOVE reading your posts, but i HATE the guilty feeling i get everytime i see the "friendly reminder" that the last time i posted was FIVE WEEKS AGO?! shame on me. so, drop that little guilty feeling you have, I'M the one that should be embarassed lol. hope your rugrats are better soon...hopefully mine is too!

  7. Gnetch - Thank goodness for my cute kids or I'd be in trouble all the time!

    Connie - If I knew there would be takers I would've put them on ebay a looooooong time ago! Send me an offer :P

    Laura - I'm going to take that to mean that you would've taken a pic too! That makes me feel less guilty about taking it.... and posting it on the world wide web.

    Delena- Don't feel guilty. Just think of it as my little way of saying I miss you :P. I hope your little guy is feeling better soon! He's waaaaaaay too little to be sick :(

  8. Poor kids, hope they're feeling better today.

  9. I feel your pain. I had a sick munchkin last week...and then he gave it to me. Hope yours are on the mend!

  10. Hehehe! LOVE your blog! It's so precious! And your sick kid pic is adorable!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I sooooo hope that is a story we can tell our kids, hahaha!


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