Thursday, March 25, 2010

Keep the Change, Ya Filthy Animal!!

Sometimes I wonder how I'm even able to stand upright. You know, without a spine and stuff.

Case in point...

Today I went to get a very overdue eyebrow wax. Like birds had taken up residence in the out of control nests over my eyes, kind of overdue.

That's not important to the story. Just makes for an interesting visual.

Anyways, so I'm right in the middle of having the hair ripped off my face when the waxer's friend waltzes into the room and strikes up a conversation. Which, leads to the total distraction of said waxer, leading her to DRIP HOT WAX INTO MY EYE?!?!?!

Uhhh lady? I don't think that goes there.

If you're anything like my sister, your immediate reaction to that is, 'I hope you didn't pay for that.'

Oh yes... I did.

'Eight bucks for the partial blinding? No Problem! Here's 10... keep the change!'

At least I can be thankful it was only my eyebrows I was waxing!


  1. I have both those problems. Out control eyebrows, and I don't speak up for myself like I should.

  2. And you didn't kick her in the head!? Seriously though I am the same way, sometimes is sucks. I probably would have said something like, I'm so sorry, totally not your fault, my eye was in the way. ugh.

  3. Well, at least don't let her take any more of your money. Take your business somewhere else next time.

  4. Owch!! - yes i fear I have the same problem, but age seems to be giving me more of a spine, or am I just turning into an intolerant 30 something?!

  5. Ok..blogging about your blog! zip over to my page

  6. oh wow! i hate when stupid bitches don't know what they're doing! - I woulda flipped! hope the weekends good!:)

  7. I would have done the same thing. Probably.

    Thanks for stopping by (and I love the name of your blog).

  8. I would have paid... I am awful at business stuff! :) Sweet blog! I am now following!!

  9. OMG!! You poor thing! I would've paid too---I am as spineless as they come!

    Did she atleast do a good job, besides the obvious?

  10. Oh, I would've paid for it, too.

    And I would've tipped her.

    However, I would've bad-mouthed her to anyone who would listen and never return.

    Wow, I'm a little passive aggressive as it turns out...

  11. Glad you commented on my post so that I could find ya! I love your blog layout - and I can't wait to read more - your kids are adorable!

  12. Ooooooooouch!! that is terrible!! I am way too much of a pansy to get my eyebrows waxed, good ol' tweezers for me... but, i totally would have paid too ;)

  13. That is awful!!!! I would like to say I would've told her to shove it...but I probably would have just sucked it up. I think I'd skip the tip, though! Haha. I never understand why I can be so hardcore with people I know but a total weenie when it comes to strangers!


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