Monday, March 22, 2010


Recently my husband let it slip to the family that I have a blog. Presumably because he was looking for an easy out  bursting with pride and adoration. Since that time they have been dying to click over here and find I've made them famous by posting about them.

They haven't said as much, but they don't have to.

I can see it their eyes.

So here it is kids. You can thank me with gifts. Expensive ones.

My absolute favourite thing about my family knowing about my little corner of the internet is, without a doubt, their ability to work it into ANY conversation.

ME: Sean FINALLY cut a tooth.
Family Member: I know. I saw the post about it on your blog. He's having a rough time with it, eh?

Family Member #1: We got the kids some treats.
Family Member #2: Careful, you'll end up being blamed for childhood obesity! (Touche)

ME: How was your day?
Family Member: YOU HAVE A BLOG!!

They also thoroughly enjoy the deep shade of red my face turns when they tell anyone who will listen about the existence of this blog. And they ALWAYS follow up that revelation with the phrase, "It's ACTUALLY really good." Don't worry family, I'm not reading into your emphasize of the word ACTUALLY.

But in completely unrelated news, I will ACTUALLY be putting the money I planned to use for your birthday presents this year towards a new laptop good charity. Because I know you'd ACTUALLY like it that way! Your welcome!


  1. Yeah I can just hear my family back in NY talking about my blog....they now have something to talk about! Very Well!:)

  2. Following you from FFF on MBC!

  3. hahahaha, this post made me laugh- all my family and friends know I have a blog and a lot of them read it (especially the NOT me's) and then they comment the same way... i always have to think about that before posting, like hmmmm, is this something I don't mind my uncle reading?

    my husband is about the only one who doesn't read it~ and half the posts are about him! =)

  4. Following from MBC (FFF Group)!
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    This is hysterical! My immediate family knows about my blog and that's about it. If they've run off and told anyone else in the family, I haven't a clue!

  5. I'm ACTUALLY really thankful that my immediate family is not interested in reading blogs. It makes me feel relieved that they don't read mine. Haha!

    And, hey. You're getting more and more famous! ;)

  6. hahaha so funny! I guess now you have to start talking nice about all of them, huh!? ;)

  7. Hello from a new follower! Visiting from FFF @ MBC

  8. I have a sister and sister in-law that read my blog. I love it when they leave comments. Stopping from SITS!

  9. Love,love, love the name of your blog.

    I have an uncle that checks my blog occasionally- says he wouldn't know what was happening in my family if he didn't.

    I mean, my MOM lives with him now! I'm sure he knows what I'm up to!

    Anyhoo- gotta watch what I say now :-)

  10. My biggest fear!!! I like my blog to be secret from anyone that knows me in real life. I hope it stays that way. At least they have had a positive reaction!!! (even with the ACTUALLY!) Dropping by from SITS! Thanks for leaving me a comment too!

  11. Love your blog! I am a new follower from FFF at Mom Bloggers Club. Hope you have a wonderful week!


  12. That is super weird when friends and family read your blog.

    You start to tell them a story and they are like "i know...i read about it." um excuse me what? ;) then I

  13. My hubby knows I have a blog, but doesn't really know where it is or what I write about. I've decided to keep it away from friends/family just in

    Found you through FFF on MBC.

    check out my blog at

  14. Great post - yes, it's hard to keep anything secret when you post it regularly on the internet! Well, it keeps me honest :). Looking forward to reading more and now following your lovely blog.

    Peryl (FFF)

  15. I find it really funny that my husband reads my blog - I mean, he lives with me, he already knows all the stuff I get up to! But he enjoys it, which is the main thing ;)

  16. ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ROTFL I love your sense of humor! I am so glad that I found you from MBC/FFF! Following you!


  17. I get comments like that from my family all the time. And now the women in my mommy group found about my blog. Oh, well. The price of fame. :)

  18. The only one that even reads mine is my sister. Ah ha ha

  19. Awesome post. very funny. I look forward to reading your blog. Following from FFF.

  20. Ya, I get that from my friends too. 'it's ACTUALLY quite funny.' I'm glad their expectations are so low. It makes it hard to disappoint them. :-)


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