Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Open Letter To Sean's Teeth

Sean's Teeth,

I'm not going to mention that you're so late, I'm not even sure why you bothered to show up.

Or that there should be like 4 or 5 by now and only 1 of you is making it's way in.

I'm writing this to let you know you need to stop bullying my baby! He's trying to be a big, tough guy and not mention anything, but I can see how much what you're doing is getting to him. He just wants to sleep all day and when he's awake he's grouchy and irritable. He's so upset by your complete disregard for his well being that he's made him self sick and feverish. You should be ashamed.

I want you to know that the choices you make have consequences and right now Sean is dealing with those consequences. But EFF.WHY.EYE. if you don't ease up on him, I'll make sure you're the one dealing with those consequences! And I have no idea how you don't want to know how!

Oh and tell all your little buddies to get their butts in gear so we can get this all over with!

Anyways, I hope you're doing well!

Sean's Exhausted Mommy


  1. teething...yuck.
    i think bad boy was around 10mths when he finally got his first tooth, right around the time that he started to get a grasp on the "tantrum". combine tooth-growing irritability with the mastery of throwing the perfect tantrum, and you have a very....very..."happy" mother. sean's tooth and my baby should have a race. i bet his tooth wins.

  2. You show those teeth who is boss. Of course, we all know who really is boss.

    Stopping by from SITS.


  3. That is like my little one Benjamin. He just got his first tooth, and there are no others in sight! By this time, my oldest had 4 already!

  4. You'll be showing them who's boss in about 6 years when they are getting pulled out...until then, I hope the little man starts feeling better! Teething sucks!

  5. Teething BITES!

    I hope you little guy can deal for a bit longer and that momma can hold out as well!

    Good luck!

  6. aww.. poor sean (and you!).. hope it's all over soon!

  7. Stopping in from SITS. I love your cute little blog and your sense of humor in your posts!

  8. Poor lil nugget! Hopefully the rest will all come in during the night while he's sleeping and he won't feel a thing!

    Not likely, is it? Bummer. Well, dare to dream!


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