Thursday, February 11, 2010

101 in 1001 Update #8

Not only did I not do a thing off the list this week... I also forgot to write the update?? For shame!! 

So I decided that it was time to really buckle down and replace #47 (Remember number fourty seven? and the trouble I've had replacing it?)

So here it is...

Are you ready for it?

I hope your psyched because this is going to be LEGON-

And I hope none of you are lactose intolerant because the last part of that word is.....

DAIRY!!!! (In case you're wondering, YES Barney Stinson is going to be my second husband! I can change him!!)

#47)Be the SITS feature blogger

So for anyone that doesn't know SITS (The Secret's in the Sauce) is an online community of wonderful supportive ladies that come together everyday to show a little love through blog comments. And just to keep it interesting every week day the founders of SITS (Tiffany and Heather) choose a featured Blogger to bask in the glow of comment love.


So here's the plan. I'm going to wait a little while, get a few more quality posts under my belt and then I'm going to start emailing those poor women until they have no choice other then to block me. That's where you come in... If you all send requests for me, they'll be all like 

"Well we didn't find her interesting... but maybe she's an acquired taste? Whatever... we'll just give her day so we can lift the restraining order."

And I'll be all like'

"They love me!! I'm awesome!!!"

Sometimes my genious astounds even me! 

So in all seriousness SITS is a really kick ass community of some really kick ass ladies! So if you haven't already, get over there and make yourself some SITSTAS!


  1. You will get there. It may take a year and a half, from what I'm told, but you will get there!

    Wait, what about dairy?

  2. Good goal. A better one...changing Doogie Howser. Not THAT my friend is a goal!!

  3. Aha Laura.... true love conquers all!

  4. He's soooo handsome! Good Luck on being Featured...I hung out there for a while and it got to be overwhelming! Happy Valentine's:)

  5. I never had any luck with SITS, maybe I didn't comment enough, but also didn't run across any like minded blogs. Guess I shouldve tried harder. Being a feature would be super awesome though! -Good luck :D

    I can also go over to their site and do some leg work for ya, like leave msg.s everywhere saying stuff such as, "gee whiz, this or the housework is a great blog"..."has anyone read this or the housework lately?"...."my friend over at this or the housework says (idk fill in the blank"

    thanks for the visit, Lady!

  6. You are so brilliant! I will gladly help! Hehe.

  7. Aww Well done! and Thanks for dropping by my blog :) you missed out on that handbag and sunglasses party - AWESOME!!! oh, you can have Barney, coz Ted is so mine!


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