Wednesday, December 16, 2009

101 Things Update #2

I know what you're thinking. No posts for a whole week, she must've been checking things off that list like mad.

And of course you're wrong.

Are you ready for the excuses to come rolling in?

Too bad here they are.

My kids are sick. Meaning that something slimy is oozing out of every orifice in their body and apparantly it is part of my motherly duties to wipe said slime in a timely matter, before it turns into a crunchy coating. They should tell you about that when you sign up for this parenting thing.

We have already begun our Christmas celebrations. We went to my Aunt-in-law's (real term?) place on sunday where my cousin-in-law got all dressed as Santa, complete with a sac full of presents so that Sawyer could cower in the corner furthest from him, Sean could stare blankly at him and my nephew could discover his deep rooted fear of heavy set men with beards and spend the afternoon screaming and balling everytime he was brought near the poor guy. But, have no fear, they bought the suit so we will have another chance to do this all again next year.

I actually have one less goal to achieve then I did last week. Before I made this list my hubby and I had agreed to replace our broken stove instead of having it repaired because we couldn't justify the cost of repairs. That was until we accidentally had a service call. A little while ago Kevin did the cable for an appliance repair shop and when he ran our stove woes by the owner he seemed to know exactly what the problem was and booked us a service call. We were still pretty set on a new stove so we were going to cancel the appointment, but being the responsible young adults we are, it slipped our minds. Which of course means the gentlemen showed up when our kitchen was at it's messiest and we were in our pjs. Long story short the long 6 months we've spent without a working stove has come to an end. Which also means so have my excuses for needing to order pizza. Thaaaaanks stove guys :(

But don't write me off just yet. I was able to put a line through #97;

97)Tip a great server 100%

That's right, at Christmas time and everything. I am BALLIN'. Sure the bill was only $7.29. And sure the server probably thought I was pretentious for giving her exactly $7.29. But you guys are counting on me! I had to cross something off the list! The things I do for you guys.

So that's all for this week. Except that I would like to replace #47. Sure I could run out and get the kids a little toy stove so that I could cross it off, but I can't bring myself to cheapen our relationship like that. So any ideas of a new goal?

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