Wednesday, December 9, 2009

101 Things Update #1

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's been one whole week since I posted the list and so it's time for an update. Here, in no particular order, are the items I was able to cross off my list in the past week;

66)Finish this list in one day.

If your struggling at all to believe that I actually did this please go back and note the dramatic decrease in sass as the list goes on. By the time I had made this goal I had virtually lost the will to go on. In a desperate attempt to make this dream a reality I asked my husband for help in coming up with 35 more goals. He has always known this blog exists but never really had any interest in checking it out until I explained this list to him. Thursday morning I sent him the link to my blog and took Sean out to do some Christmas shopping. When I came home I experienced the fallout.

Him:I read your blog, you're a good writer.

Me:Thanks. Wait, did you read the whole blog or just the list?

Him:The whole thing.


Him:I couldn't understand all the references to the hot sauce until I got all the way to the beginning.

Me:Yeah about that....

I'm going to pay for that damn dinner for the rest of my life.

8 ) Have 75 views of this blog in one day.

This one was very important to me, because I base my entire self worth on how many people care to find out about my trips to grocery store or minor mental breakdowns.

I actually achieved this goal the day after I posted it. I think I'm going to have to go ahead and thank facebook for this one. I posted a link as my status and my highest daily stat went from 39 it 98. So thanks homies!

38)Inspire at least one other person to make a '101 in 1001' list.

I'm crossing this one off the list with the help of a young, up and coming new photographer named Kandice. You are definitely going to to want to follow her blog not only for updates in her list but because she is, for sure, the next Annie Leibovitz, and you'll be able to say you knew her before she was taking controversial pictures of teenage megastars and the newborn pics of Brangelina's 17th child. Her list can be found on her photography blog................ HERE!

And just as of last night I can link you to another 101 list made by a very good friend HERE. Get over there and harass her for me, so that she keeps up her list! Specifically mention the dancing at a bar thing.... I've been trying for 5 years to get her to do that!

Basically, to sum up, everyone's doing a list but you. So jump on the band wagon and send me the link because I LOVE these things!

The updated list can be found HERE or at anytime over there <---- in the left hand column under the title.... 101 in 1001.

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