Friday, December 4, 2009


I almost didn't want to publish my earlier post. I wanted to save it so that I had something to post on a day that I didn't have something so blog worthy going on.

Because today was passport picture day. I have been dreading passport picture day for months. We are taking a trip in January that we have been planning since the summer and I have put off getting our passports until a month before the trip, because the very notion of this day would send me into a fit of cold sweats and eye ticks.

Then I started this blog. Suddenly, through the shadows of terror, I could see a glimmer of light. Epic hissy fits and hours spent giving a photographer the same symptoms of passport photo day that I was experiencing, make good blogging material. As today inched closer and closer and I started to get almost excited. I found myself whispering advice to my children like, 'If you get frustrated on passport photo day, just start throwing things. It will make you feel much better!' and 'We can only afford to take one of you on vacation, first person to make the photographer cry gets to come'.

I wasted my breath.

We took them in, they sat straight in the chair, closed their mouths and looked blankly at the camera. Just the way the government likes it.

It's so disappointing to think I'm raising well behaved children

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