Wednesday, December 23, 2009

101 in 1001 Update#3


I can't believe it's frickin' wednesday already!

I'm so upset I'm channeling my 15 year old self to try and get my point across.

Another week, another EPIC fail. Of course.

I just poured over the list trying to find something I could quickly knock off the list and... once again... EPIC fail.

Then I remembered #47. Sweet, forgiving #47.

I still haven't come up with something to replace #47.

The heavens opened and a new #47 floated down and smacked me in the head.

47) Have a week where you do nothing off the list.

Oh wait...

Completing this would mean crossing it off the list and then I haven't really completed it so I have to uncross it, but then I'm back to having completed it. Cross it off... SH*T.

So basically, to sum up this week, not only did I NOT cross a thing of this list but I still haven't replaced #47.

Which means this week is an... all together now.... EPIC fail.

And with that last use of the word EPIC I will return to my 24 year old self and get my butt in gear for next week.

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  1. you're hilarious! It's Christmas that's a list in itself!


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