Wednesday, March 3, 2010

R.I.P. Mac

My husband thought that I should let everyone know why my blog has SUCKED lately. This is how he phrased it.. 'You should let your fans know where you are!' He's delightful :P

So where I have been is... without a computer. My 'son' (we're waiting on the maternity test) spilled a coffee on my laptop. Oh yes he did. And when I took it to the repair shop to see if there was anything that could be done, the kind gentlemen praised me on my coffee choice based on the computer's aroma then told me I was effed.

Basically I've got myself a really expensive air freshener. Thanks Sean.

So I'm going to have to ask you to bear with me for a little while til I get back up and running. I'll try to make it worth the wait!


  1. That sucks. The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, except it was the dog and a Carnation Instant Breakfast drink. :-(

  2. Oh no! That's horrible! I hope your back to the inter web soon!

  3. Im devastated....Stewie is quickly becoming my favourite

  4. Aww! thats really sad, but i hope you get up and running soon.

  5. sucky suck suck! I hope you're back at it soon!

  6. Ughhhh...I spilled coffee on my keyboard, rushed to clean it out, air it out and before I knew it B was bitching at me and never let it go! Sucks...I know!

  7. Here's to hoping you come back soon!

  8. bah!
    i wondered where you had been...i missed you ;)
    if it makes you feel any better, my blogness has sucked lately also. my excuse? um...yeah...that's right...
    hope to hear from you more regularly soon!

  9. oh, that stinks! I am using my hubby's laptop because mine sounds like it is going to explode when I turn it on =) my 2 year old threw it off the couch the other day... not fun.

    We will be here when u return! =)



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