Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Encounter With A Mythological Creature

One of my favourite past times, and by favourite I mean I would give it up in a nano second given half a chance, is driving around town at 4 in the morning. Sean and I get all bundled up and hit up the fanciest neighbourhoods in the city with the intent to induce dreaming in both of us. After three hours of trying to rock my apparently nocturnal son to sleep, I decided that last night (well this morning) was the perfect time for a drive. I was wrong. Car seat in hand I headed toward my car only to be met at the door by what I can only assume was a werewolf (it was very dark), that had somehow gotten the lid off our garbage bins (and by lid of course I mean the piece of plywood we lay across the top of the bins because we forgot to get lids when we purchased the bins and are too embarrassed to go back to home depot and admit it). The 100lb beast had knocked it over and was having a feast of chicken wing bones and pizza crusts, because in addition to hating housework I am also not huge on cooking (you can see why my hubby snatched me up, I'm a catch). Instantly my motherly instincts kicked in and I backed up and put the carseat on the table leaving the door wide open. Fortunately my plan to act irrationally and somehow have things turn in my favour, worked like a charm, and the wolf took off down the driveway instead of into my kitchen.

Despite the favourable outcome we did not go for that drive last night and will most likely never leave the house again.

So, long story short, you can expect an increase of posts in the days ahead.

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