Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Adventures in Grocery Land

Grocery shopping with young children should be an olympic sport. Or illegal.

The other day I was pulling out everything I needed to make dinner and found that the milk pitcher was in the fridge but did not, in fact, contain any milk. My stomach sank when upon further inspection I found we were out of milk entirely. My Hubby was still at work and I needed the milk to make dinner, which means I was going to have to bring my boys to the grocery store -wait for it- by myself. Here are some highlights from my trip;

*Sean decided that grocery shopping is not his 'thing' and instead busied himself screaming at the top of his lungs. Apparantly he finds it amusing to see people give me the 'what did you do to that poor child' stink eye

*Sensing that this was a stressful situation for his mom, Sawyer helped by refusing to hold on to the cart like he'd been taught, and instead running wildly through the store. I can tell you I no longer judge parents that drag there kids around stores on a leash.

*Having now exhausted himself, Sawyer took a breather to pick himself out a stuffed animal. I informed him that the stuffed monkey was not in my grocery budget this week and that since he has yet to obtain a job or any other source of income for that matter, he could not have it. To my great surprise my 2 year old could not handle this logic, resulting in him plopping himself down on the ground and matching Sean scream for scream.

Next time we run out of milk, I'm ordering pizza.

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