Saturday, November 14, 2009

Elmo Night Night

I know you've all (all 3 of you that actually read this) have been on the edge of your seats since it leaked on the internet that we were getting family photos. Well Sean did not give me any good blogging material. He sat up straight, smiled for the camera, even managed to not throw up on his new sweater! Sawyer, however, did not disappoint! Before we even left the house he had gotten a hold of a marker and given himself a beautiful maroon goatee and uni-brow.

Once we got there the real battle began.

He refused to stand with us for family picture and so the store's stuffed Elmo is in our portrait, we had to ditch the idea of a picture of just the two of them (it was just not happening), and I so wish you could see the portrait of just him.... it sums up the whole trip! Of course no trip to the grocery store is complete without an epic hissy fit and ours came when it was time to leave and give the photographer the Elmo back! After attracting the attention of every single person in the store we convinced him to tuck Elmo in for a nap and leave the store. Now every time we so much as drive past the store he yells 'Elmo night night"! Grocery shopping just got a whole new challenge!

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