Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love Hurts

Before I met my husband I dated a few guys. Nothing serious, And I was able to avoid ever being dumped.

I met Kevin at 19 and was married at 21. The past 5 years we've been together have been wonderful. Being with him makes me feel safe, strong and beautiful!

Basically, I thought I had avoided feeling the gut wrenching pain of a boy breaking my heart.

Until tonight.

My sweet, golden haired little angel, announced (upon being tucked into bed against his will) "No love you Mommy'

Ugh, I feel nauseous :S


  1. I'm sorry but I'm glad I'm not the only one! Declan said he didn't love me the other day as well. I sure wasn't ready for that one.

  2. I know right? You expect the day to come when you're not your kids favourite person... but 2yo? No fair!

  3. Did I teach you nothing! Take your broken heart to the nearest corner store, head straight to the freezers and get yourself some hagen daze. Ice Cream, the elixir to broken hearts induced by boys ;)

  4. Just remember that he doesn't mean it and you'll be his "most favoritest person ever" tomorrow! It totally sucks and I dread the day that Hannah says it to me. I hear girls are worse and say it even more than boys! Oh man! :(

  5. ouch....just ouch...

  6. :( Have yet to hear that from my daughter. Don't look forward to that day... :( But as we all know, they don't mean it!!!

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    Today is did you know wednesday.


  7. O no! How sad! My little one can only say "uh oh" right now!

  8. Don't teach her to say anything else!!

    It's easier that way!


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