Monday, January 25, 2010

Starting Today....

What you thought I was serious about blogging everyday for 30 days?

That was just a complete fail drill. You know, to make sure you can handle all my awesomeness.

Feel like you're prepared.

Alright, starting today (mondays are better day to start things of this nature anyway) I will blog everyday day for a month. Your welcome.

In other news? I think I felt a tooth in Sean's mouth! Finally!

For months, every time Sean's gone into one of his diva-esque fits, someone would make the announcement... 'He must be teething', and I would swell with pride. Growing his very own teeth?? This proves it... he's a genius! He's going to be a doctor you know... going to cure cancer, and alzhiemers, and male pattern baldness!

Then a few weeks would pass with out any further signs that we could start adding steak to his menu. I would be struck with the realization that it was probably just gas... again.

Until this morning.

He's probably a few years away joining the research department at Rogaine, but I'm pretty sure I felt a tooth!

However this means I will be abondoning my work on baby dentures. My apologies!

P.S. Don't hate on my digital doodling


  1. Awh cute pic! Love the digi-doodle ;) Adorable kiddies! x

  2. haha...too cute....I love that age:) SOOO fun! Enjoy! It's quite the journey!


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