Wednesday, January 27, 2010

101 in 1001 Update #6

What did I cross off the list this week.....?

26) Get Drunk

And you thought I had no life outside my kids. Well I don't, but every once in a while my fabulous friends get sick of me saying things like "I have to go potty' or complaining about my ouchies, and insist on taking me out to do grown up things.

This week's grown up thing was heading out to the bar. For the first time in 3 years. Why yes, I am that cool.

You'd think that crossing this particular item off the list would come with some awesome material, but mostly it was just some great girl time.

We laughed, danced and got hit on a little. What more can you ask for!

**BONUS** I wasn't the only to cross something off my 101 list that night... keep an eye on THIS BLOG for an update on her list. Plus I hear you may get some of the dirty details from her anniversary celebrations ;) ENJOY

You know the drill... updated list HERE or over there ---->


  1. Saw you on the 20sb welcome thread! Thought I'd stop by and leave you a comment!

    Hell yeah for getting to go out to bars!

    (I --cking LOVE your layout.)

  2. At least someone got a chance to get out's been years and years for me! I so need it;) I hope you had an amaretto sour;) for me....

  3. eventually I'll post! lol. If I didn't work all the time it would be a lot easier!

    I had so much fun that night. counting down the days till we can do it again!


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