Friday, January 22, 2010

Why I've Decided to Keep My Children. Well, Sawyer At Least.

This morning I went into Sawyer's bedroom to wake him up, only to find him sitting on the floor cleaning up all the lego off his floor? Really? MY son?

I waited until he was finished and then went to zipper up his lego bag. Then I heard his little voice.... 'One more Mommy?' He had found another one and was ASKING PERMISSION to put it away.

Seriously where did he get that from??

This isn't the first time he's managed to amaze and confuse me all with one action.

When he's in the bath he uses his wash cloth to wash around the rim of the tub. He even lifts all the shampoo bottles to clean to the tub underneath them, then WIPES THE BOTTOM of the bottle before he puts it back down.

Trust me when I say he's never seen me do that!

Fact is I actually have a half dozen empty bottles lined up around the bath to
cut down on visible surface area and thus, time spent cleaning.

Then, just yesterday, I was able to bribe him into taking a picture with me by telling him he could wipe down the coffee table if he did. Ummm, SCORE?!?!

Suddenly the reason people have children is coming into focus.

Child Labour.


  1. LMAO! I've thought of the child labour incentive too!

  2. well, if he did what a big brother should do, you should have twice the child labor around...just think of how clean your house will be!!

  3. I'm getting on this baby thing RIGHT NOW! My room is a mess, my laundry hasn't been done in...well actually only 2 days but it's shocking how much more of it there is already, did I mention my kitchen needs a scrub down!?!?1

  4. my son loves to unload the dishwasher and help me cook?? crazy!! but I'm not complaining =)



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