Sunday, January 17, 2010

101 in 1001 Update #5

Just so you know I have a very good reason for missing the last couple wednesdays, and for doing an update on a Sunday. I was busy crossing numero quatro off the list...

4) Take a trip out of the country.

I will now summarize the completion of this item with the use of point forms.

*My boys and my handsome nephew took it upon themselves to entertain the passengers on our
flight by taking turns screaming at the top of their lungs, puking on me and pushing the call button.

*Sean and had an unfavourable reaction to the food. I'll leave the details vague, but I will say that I was wiping stuff out of Sean's hair that had no place being there. Nothing to see here.

*Sawyer experienced his first ever sunburn (Mother of the Year here). And the worst part? It didn't even turn into a tan.

*Our second (or third, all the days melt into each other on vacation) day in, Cuba experienced it's coldest day in over 75 YEARS. Naturally.

*We met a delightful older couple that took it upon themselves to announce to my family that I had 'a glow' and went as far as to say that this September my in laws would be welcoming their first Granddaughter into this world. This, of course, caused my family to celebrate my afore mentioned unfavourable reaction to the food as proof that Kevin and I had, in fact, lost our minds and were on our way to having children even closer together then Sawyer and Sean. I assure you that we were not the ones who had lost their minds in this tale ;)

But in all honesty we had an amazing time! Cuba was beautiful and so was the company! We were sad to see the week come to an end!

Want to see the list in it's entirety? Check it out HERE or follow the link over on the right --->

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  1. glad to have you back (although i'm sure you would've loved to stay on vaca!).
    love the pics, especially the pout while leaving...i totally get how he feels ;)


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