Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Frontier

I so long to be one of those bad ass bloggers that have something witty and interesting to blog about every-DAMN-day.

No I'm not bitter, why do you ask?

I wake up every morning with ambition and drive. I've got the power of 6 hours of interrupted sleep on my side and I'm ready to go! The world is my oyster!

I go to bed dreaming about the hilarious, heartwarming, thought provoking posts I'm going to write that will take the world by storm and make me a household name.

In between those 2 periods I fill my days by staring blankly at my computer screen, catching up on the afore mentioned bad ass bloggers and comtemplating whether on not to get a twitter account.

Oh yeah, I squeeze a bit of parenting in there where I can. Whatever.

Anyways... I've decided that practice makes perfect and that the only way I'm going to be able to get to a point where I have something good to write everyday is to just write every day!

Coincidentally, if I can keep it up for a month I can cross #49 off my list! You like apples?

So here goes.... everyday for a month.

What does this mean for "This Or The Housework". It means LOTS more top tens, possibly the invention of 'Sean Sundays' where I set him loose on my computer and let him come up with the post of the day, and most likely some very harsh reviews of the newest season of 'The Backyardigans'.

Hang on to your hats homies, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Oh yeah, wondering about where to find those bad ass bloggers? Too bad. You just keep reading mine and be happy for the opportunity.


  1. i'm stoked!!
    if it makes you feel any better, i'm running out of wittiness too...third trimester is so mundane...

  2. You are wonderful :P

    You should totally jump on the band wagon and blog every day with me! We can be wittless together :P


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